I am unable to setup my SNOO to my home WiFi network

Yes, we can help you. We have a couple of things we would like to you check.

  1. After connecting to a wireless connection, begin the provisioning process. Allow 90 seconds – 2 minutes for this page to “finish up”. If nothing has changed after 2 minutes, tap the “X” to exit.
  2. If there is no “X”, quit the app and try again. 
If this doesn’t work, log out, quit the app, turn on Airplane mode for 15 seconds, then off. Open SNOO app, log in and try again.
  3. Please contact customer care team for assistance at 855.424.6323 or 

Remember: SNOO can only be provisioned to one User account. If you want to use the app on multiple devices, please log in with the same credentials.

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