How do I set up my SNOO to work with my iPhone or Android Mobile App?

First, download the SNOO app from Apple® App Store or Google Play®, and turn SNOO on by pressing the power button. The power button will glow white when SNOO is ready. Also, make sure that your home wireless network is working properly.

Connecting to SNOO from your SNOO App

  1. Open SNOO App and create an account, or log in if you’ve previously done so.
  2. Select “SET UP MY SNOO” to add SNOO to your home wireless network, and follow the steps in the App.
  3. Locate your SNOO Serial Number which can be found on your SNOO Warranty Card, or underneath SNOO. The SNOO Serial Number is a 16-digit number. Enter the LAST 4 DIGITS of your SNOO Serial Number into the App, when prompted.
  4. Your will now pair your smartphone with the SNOO Wi-Fi network using the SNOO wireless network name and password provided to you by the App.
    1. Go to your mobile device Settings > Wi-Fi and select the SNOO wireless network. Your SNOO wireless network will look similar to this: “SNOO_1234”.
    2. Enter the password provided by your App. It will take the form of “snoo9876” (where the 4 numeric digits are the last 4 digits for your unique Serial Number”.
  5. Go back to SNOO App. The App will confirm if you have successfully paired with SNOO.
  6. The SNOO App will now ask for your home wireless network name and password. This is the network that you normally use to access the Internet.
  7. Confirm the information in the App, and allow up to 2 minutes for SNOO to finish the set-up.

Now, you’re ready to start using SNOO with the app!

Please note: Currently, SNOO can only be set up to one user account at a time. If you want to use the SNOO App on multiple mobile devices, please use the same login information on all devices.

If you still have any questions we are happy to help! Just contact us at: 1.855.424.6323 or


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