How Is Jiggling A Baby (To Calm Crying) Different From Shaking A Baby (As In Child Abuse)?

Thankfully there is a huge difference! Think of what it’s like driving down a cobblestone road versus being in a 50 MPH head-on crash.

SNOO’s jiggling at its highest speed is only ½ inch…back and forth. And the head and neck are always fully supported in SNOO. That amount of motion is perfectly safe. Remember, the brain floats in protective fluid that helps absorb little bumps and jiggles. The motion your baby gets in SNOO is similar to what he gets if you take a hike with your baby in a sling. You will know your baby loves SNOO’s motion when you see her calm crying and fall asleep with that strong shushing and jiggly motion.

Shaking, on the other hand, is a dangerous motion where the baby is held by the shoulders and roughly shaken. The head and neck are unsupported, which allows the infant’s head to whip back and forth, like a rag doll. That amount of rough movement causes the brain to bang against the inside of the skull at high speed, causing bruising and internal bleeding.

So, enjoy SNOO, but never, ever shake your baby.

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